Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Klassic Joints: 8 Hip-Hop Songs About Police Brutality [VIDEOS]

When hip-hop emerged as a major musical and cultural force, it also came with outspoken artists who weren’t afraid to speak their minds about societal problems.

Police brutality and misconduct has always been an issue, especially for inner-city youths and minorities, and hip-hop became one of the major vehicles to express outrage.
Watch 8 of the best hip-hop tracks dealing with racial profiling by police, racist cops, and more.

1. F*ck The Police - N.W.A.

2. Crooked Officer - Geto Boys

3. Sound of the Police - KRS-One

4. 99 Problems - Jay Z

5. Trapped - 2Pac

6. Illegal Search - LL Cool J

7. Cop Killer - Ice T

8. Don't Die - Killer Mike

Are there any songs we missed on the list? Comment below!

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