Friday, November 5, 2021

Diana Ross' 'Thank You' First Album of New Material in 15 Years

Photo Credit: Ross Naess
The last couple of years have been a rough ride for much of the world, but while the scourge of Covid-19 has taken much from us it has given back, too. 

Its latest gift is the first new music from Motown legend Diana Ross in 15 years — a 13-track opus featuring original writing from Ross as well as collaborations with in-demand producers, including pop-prince Jack Antonoff, entitled "Thank You."

“I spent the past year recording new music and this music is a reflection of the joy and the love and the gratitude that I feel every day," said Ross of the inspiration behind the effort in a statement. "It’s an album of great appreciation for life, and for all of you.

Ross, 77, explained that her love of singing kept her in good spirits during these unusual times, and the pandemic created a need in her to do something special with her music.

"For me there was an urgency in making a meaningful album, working with what is happening now in our world," she shared. "Through the power of music, we are creating a new kind of conversation that supports our choices and the decisions that we make."

Along with the release of the album, her first new studio material since 2006’s "I Love You," Ross released her first music video in a decade, something that would not have happened without a nudge from her sons Evan Ross (producer) and Ross Naess (photography), who both took part in the Amanda Demme directed collaboration.

“My sons gave me the confidence and encouragement to make this video. After spending almost two years not performing and not being in front of the camera, they supported me in easing back into being around lots of people," Ross stated. "I am filled with appreciation for the work that they all did to make this happen.”

Watch the video for the track "All Is Well"  below:

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