Monday, June 5, 2023

Young Thug's Brother Violates Probation, Faces Lengthy Prison Term

Courtesy Fulton County Sheriff's Office
Rapper Young Thug's brother, Quantavious Grier, known by his stage name Unfoonk, has been found guilty of violating his probation after his arrest on gun charges on May 4. Consequently, a judge has sentenced him to nine years in prison, further complicating his legal troubles associated with the Young Slime Life (YSL) criminal street gang.

Grier, 34, had previously pleaded guilty to violating the RICO Act and theft by receiving stolen property in December 2022. Under his plea deal, he accepted a 12-year sentence, with two years credited for time served and the remaining ten years to be served on probation. However, his recent arrest for gun charges resulted in the probation violation ruling.The incident began when plainclothes officers conducting surveillance in southwest Atlanta noticed a black Mercedes G-Wagon parked at a BP gas station. Suspecting potential drug activity, officers initiated a traffic stop after the SUV left the parking lot, citing a violation related to window tint. The arresting officer detected the odor of marijuana inside the vehicle and discovered a 9 mm Glock handgun in the driver's side door panel.

During the probation violation revocation hearing, details emerged regarding Grier's repeated visits to the same BP gas station, which Atlanta police had identified as a hub for YSL gang-related activities. An undercover officer testified that Grier displayed familiarity with the firearm discovered during the traffic stop, asserting that it was registered. Grier did not express surprise at the presence of the weapon.

Grier's journey in the music industry has been entwined with the fame and notoriety of his brother, Young Thug. While Young Thug has achieved significant success and influence in the rap world, Unfoonk has endeavored to establish himself as a rapper in his own right. Unfortunately, his affiliation with the YSL gang and his ongoing legal troubles have overshadowed his artistic aspirations.

His most recent troubles with the law began last May when Young Thug, known for his transformative impact on Atlanta's vibrant hip-hop scene, was arrested on suspicion of gang involvement and conspiracy to violate Georgia's criminal racketeering law. The rapper, born Jeffery Williams, faced charges alongside 27 other individuals, including Grier, named in an extensive grand jury indictment. Among the charges were violent crimes such as murder and attempted armed robbery.

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