Thursday, August 31, 2023

50 Cent's Aggressive Microphone Toss Sparks Legal Concerns at LA Concert

Rapper 50 Cent's actions at a recent concert might lead to legal repercussions, as he aggressively threw a microphone into the crowd during his "Final Lap" tour performance at Arena on Wednesday.

Videos capturing the incident swiftly circulated after the concert, revealing an irate 50 Cent tossing his microphone not once, but twice, into the audience. Reports indicate that the rapper's frustration stemmed from microphone malfunctions. The situation escalated when the second microphone also malfunctioned, prompting him to launch it into the crowd with heightened force.

The altercation unfolded while 50 Cent was sharing the stage with special guest YG. Pictures of the apparent victim, identified as Power 106 host Bryhana Monegain, emerged online, showing her with a bleeding forehead wound.

Although initial reports didn't indicate any police involvement, TMZ later reported that 50 Cent is now a subject of a criminal battery report following Monegain's complaint. Law enforcement sources suggest that 50 Cent aimed the microphone at his crew in the production area, inadvertently hitting the victim. In contrast, the victim asserts that 50 Cent made direct eye contact with her before hurling the microphone.

As of now, representatives for 50 Cent, Power 106, and Arena have yet to provide any official statements regarding the incident.

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