Thursday, November 2, 2023

Michael Jackson Reigns as Highest-Paid Deceased Celebrity of 2023

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In a remarkable resurgence, the late 'King of Pop,' Michael Jackson, has reestablished his reign as the world's highest-paid deceased celebrity for the year 2023, according to Forbes magazine's annual list released on Tuesday. With a staggering estimated income of $115 million, Jackson's return to the top spot marks the first time in four years that he has dominated the rankings.

Elvis Presley, Jackson's late father-in-law, closely follows, securing the second position with estimated earnings of $100 million. The list also features an illustrious lineup of other departed legends, including Bob Marley, Prince, John Lennon and Whitney Houston, collectively amassing an approximate $470 million in earnings over the past year. Notably, this figure represents a significant 70% increase from 2022.

These rankings were meticulously determined based on pre-tax earnings derived from sales, licensing deals, streams, and other sources of income spanning from October 1, 2022, to September 30, 2023.

Full List of Highest-Paid Deceased Celebrities in 2023:

US singer, Michael Jackson – $115 million
US singer and actor, Elvis Presley – $100 million
US keyboardist, Ray Manzarek – $45 million
US cartoonist, Dr. Seuss – $40 million
US cartoonist, Charles M. Schulz – $30 million
US singer, Prince – $30 million
US singer, Whitney Houston – $30 million
British singer, John Lennon – $22 million
Jamaican singer, Bob Marley – $16 million
US singer, Bing Crosby – $14 million
British singer, George Harrison – $14 million
US golfer, Arnold Palmer – $10 million
US singer, Marilyn Monroe – $10 million

'Thriller' Resurfaces as a Halloween Hit

Halloween witnessed the haunting revival of one of Michael Jackson's most iconic tracks, "Thriller." The spine-chilling masterpiece reclaimed its throne at the No. 1 spot on Billboard's R&B Digital Song Sales chart, demonstrating that even after decades, its allure continues to captivate music enthusiasts.

The R&B Digital Song Sales chart tracks the bestselling R&B songs in the United States. "Thriller" sold over 2,400 copies during the recent tracking period, marking the sixth time it has ascended to the chart's zenith, with the Halloween season consistently propelling its resurgence.

"Thriller" isn't content with merely topping the R&B Digital Song Sales chart; it has also ascended to No. 11 on the Digital Song Sales ranking, spanning various musical genres. As Halloween festivities continue, "Thriller" is poised to ascend even further on the charts, keeping alive the enchanting spirit of this timeless masterpiece.

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