Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Woman Sues DJ Akademiks, Alleging Rape, Defamation

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Internet personality DJ Akademiks, whose legal name is Livingston Allen, faces accusations of rape and defamation in a newly filed lawsuit in Essex County, New Jersey.

Fauziya Abashe alleges she was invited to Allen's home in July 2022, expecting to be alone with him. Upon arrival, she encountered two unidentified men. The lawsuit claims Allen told these men Abashe was receptive to sex, without her knowledge.

Abashe refused a drink offered by one of the men, identified as an Allen employee. The employee, allegedly stating he was "in charge," insisted she have a drink he prepared.

Later, the employee pressured Abashe to wait for Allen in the hot tub. She agreed, believing the men would leave after setting it up. However, the lawsuit alleges both men forced her to consume alcohol and then assaulted her.

Abashe claims she woke up to Allen assaulting her around 4 a.m. The lawsuit alleges Allen later showed her partial surveillance footage of the assault and refused to provide the full recording.

Abashe contacted Allen later, reporting injuries sustained during the encounter. Text messages included in the lawsuit show she contacted police, who facilitated a recorded call where she questioned Allen. The lawsuit alleges Allen recounted details of the assault during the call.

Allen addressed the lawsuit on social media, saying, "I have no comment beyond what I've previously stated. This will be decided in court. I'm confident in my innocence."

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