Friday, July 5, 2024

Legal Woes Deepen for Combs as Sexual Assault Cases Reach Eight, 50 Cent Reacts

Sean "Diddy" Combs is facing his eighth sexual assault lawsuit since November 2023, as former porn star Adria English accuses him of grooming and coercing her into sexual activities at his parties.

The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, alleges that between 2004 and 2009, the rapper and business mogul forced English to engage in sexual intercourse with party guests, consume alcohol, and take ecstasy. Combs has denied all allegations through his lawyer, Jonathan Davis.

"No matter how many lawsuits are filed, it won’t change the fact that Mr. Combs has never sexually assaulted or sex trafficked anyone. We live in a world where anyone can file a lawsuit for any reason and without any proof. Fortunately, a fair and impartial judicial process exists to find the truth, and Mr. Combs is confident he will prevail against these and other baseless claims in court,” Davis said in a statement.

English claims she was hired to attend Combs' "white parties" in 2004, initially without any expectations of sexual activities. However, by the third party, Combs, 54, she said he coerced her into having sex with guests, leveraging her past in adult entertainment.

This lawsuit follows a series of allegations against Combs, starting with R&B singer Cassie Ventura, who accused him of rape and physical abuse in November 2023. Though Combs settled that lawsuit the following day, leaked footage of him physically assaulting Ventura in 2016 sparked public outrage.

Subsequent lawsuits have been filed by other individuals, including former employees and women accusing him of sexual assault, abuse, drugging, and other acts of sexual misconduct. One woman even claimed that Combs "sex trafficked and gang raped" her as a 17-year-old in 2003. All claims have been denied by Combs, who is also named in a lawsuit involving his son, Christian "King" Combs.

Once celebrated for his successful music career and business ventures, including Bad Boy Records and Cîroc vodka, Combs has seen his reputation tarnished by these allegations. In recent weeks, New York Mayor Eric Adams demanded that Combs return the ceremonial key to the city awarded to him in September 2023. Additionally, Howard University rescinded Combs' honorary degree, discontinued a scholarship in his name, and returned a $1 million donation.

Rapper 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, who has a long-standing feud with Combs, has publicly reacted to the latest lawsuit. Sharing a post from The Neighborhood Talk on Instagram, 50 Cent commented, "WHAT HAPPEN 👀 how much s*** was this fool doing? 😳LOL NAH I'm gonna need more episodes for this docu series." The post referred to his planned documentary on the allegations against Combs, developed through his G-Unit film and television company. The documentary, which has not yet announced a release date or platform, promises to delve into the numerous accusations against the music mogul.

English's lawsuit also claims that Combs forced her to have sex with celebrity jeweler Jacob Arabo, known as "Jacob the Jeweler." She alleges that besides her usual fee for attending the parties, she received an additional $1,000 after the "forced sexual intercourse" with Arabo, who is also named as a defendant.

List of Lawsuits Filed Against Sean "Diddy" Combs (November 2023 - June 2024)
  1. Cassie Ventura: (November 2023) - Allegations of rape and physical abuse. Settled out of court.
  2. Joi Dickerson-Neal: (December 2023) - Former chef alleging sexual harassment and wrongful termination.
  3. Rodney Jones Jr.: (January 2024) - Former driver alleging wrongful termination, unpaid wages, and emotional distress after witnessing alleged sexual misconduct.
  4. Jane Doe (1) vs. Christian Combs & Sean Combs: (April 2024) - Lawsuit against Diddy's son alleging sexual assault, with Diddy named as a co-defendant for alleged negligence.
  5. April Lampros: (May 2024) - Allegations of drugging and sexual assault dating back to the 1990s.
  6. Jane Doe (2): (May 2024) - Anonymous woman alleging Combs "sex trafficked and gang raped" her as a 17-year-old in 2003.
  7. Crystal McKinney: (June 2024) - Allegations of drugging and rape involving Combs and rapper French Montana.
  8. Adria English: (June 2024) - Former adult film actor alleging grooming and coercion into sexual activities at Combs' parties.

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