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Watch: J Cole Speaks About Meditating [VIDEO]

 Watch J. Cole speak about the practice of mediation in the video below:

Watch: Rick Ross Gives Diddy A Tour Of His $25M Promise Land Mansion

Two of your favorite richest rappers give us straight motivation with this $25 million dollar mansion! 

Nike VP Resigns After Reports of Ties To Her Son's Sneaker Resell Business

Nike's VP of North America was forced to resign from her job after her son charged $133,000 to her credit card. 

The kicker is...that her son is a 19-year-old sneaker reseller. 

Last week he was featured in a Bloomberg Business article about his booming resale business and boasted how he made over $600,000 in May.

Nike firmly forbids its employees from reselling sneakers or merchandise. Sorry kid.